Top 5 London Brunches you haven't heard of

Saint and Sofia creates fashion and accessories, with a twist. We believe in proper prices, better production and sustainability. Saint and Sofia is the new brand from the Award Winning team that created Zaggora in 2011, the activewear brand with 1.5 million customers in 143 countries. Saint and Sofia is based in London with offices and facilities in Europe and the USA.

Our customers pay up to 60% less than traditional retail (for the same thing) because we're more efficient. We’ve taken out the middle-men to work directly with partners who share our values, which means we can pass the cost savings onto you, our customer.

We believe the link between price and quality for fashion is broken. Why? Because in fashion, there are too many intermediaries all adding layers of cost, which gets passed down to you. We’re here to change that, delivering better design and quality at a better price. We can do this because we work hard at being efficient. We've spent years optimising our supply chain to take out middle-men. We go directly to source on manufacturing and fabrics. We minimise transportation expenses. We do not work with wholesalers, distribution agents and sourcing agents who all add cost. All this means that the price you pay for every Saint+Sofia product is for the quality, not for our inefficiencies.