Our design team in London takes inspiration from the arts, music and popular culture to create current, versatile styles with a twist.  The design team visit art galleries, work with artists, and draw inspiration from the creative arts when designing styles in our seasonal collections. The team is led by our Head of Design, Megan Aylott, who graduated from Central St. Martins.

Every year we produce Collections for Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter.  We have dedicated designers for Ready to Wear, Accessories, Homeware, and Wall Art.  In between seasonal collections, we work with artists and master craft makers to create special collections.  We’re also working with Central St. Martins to support the talents of young British designers and garment technologists.

We work collaboratively with customers to engineer optimal fit and feel using the finest fabrics.  We believe in being inclusive. We're one of a handful of brands to offer a broad size range of 9 sizes - from UK 6 (US 2) to UK 22 (US 18) with Petite, Regular and Tall inseam options.  Every style is optimised using feedback from customers.

Every product starts with an idea.  Ideas are drawn and sketched by hand and brought to life in house by cutting and fitting each piece. We test wearability and fit extensively with multiple testers to ensure our products work on all body types, big and small.


We love feedback from customers and we always want to know what you think of each style. After orders ship, we ask questions, send surveys, and hold focus groups to better understand how we can refine and improve every style further to be better for you.

We're very thankful for all the feedback we always get. In between production runs, we'll often make small adjustments to the fit and feel of a product to improve it for you. For instance, sometimes we'll add pockets, make pockets deeper or remove them all together based on feedback. If you have any product for us, please do let us know by emailing it to


We optimise every style to fit every body shape. We’ll be introducing petite and tall sizes in the Spring and different lengths of inseam. We measure precisely and work with our pattern makers and garment technologists to get close to the most flattering fit.

The fit of every product is always a challenge, if it's not individually tailored. We're very mindful of the variety of shapes and sizes of customers all over the world. Whilst we make every effort to flatter every shape, we don't always get it right the first time. That's why listening to customer feedback is so important.

We have specially designed our supply chain to be able to make rapid changes to each product. We work closely with our production partners, most of whom are also family-owned businesses, to be able to respond quickly to customer demand and feedback. We also manufacture close to the source of fabrics and fulfillment, to reduce the time it takes to re-stock or bring new styles to you.