This year has been one like no other, filled with uncertainties and unpredictability. That’s why for our Leather & Lyrics campaign we wanted to return to our roots and reconnect with the Saint and Sofia ethos by fusing together art, fashion and music.

Our A/W20 collection brings together versatile, timeless pieces with a bold twist: high quality leather, cosy knits and classic trainers are designed to fit seamlessly with your existing wardrobe.

Throughout the collection, we’ve drawn influences from rock and roll icons of time gone by and we mirrored this celebration of creativity in our Leather & Lyrics campaign. We invited three of our favourite artists and illustrators to add their mark to our imagery, as a reminder that even during times of uncertainty, creativity will always find a way to flourish.



Dominika is a photographer, graphic designer and illustrator. She has a keen eye for detail, using a playful style to create striking, functional and effective designs. Dominika wanted to create a sense of optimism and hope through her collaboration with us, incorporating poetic lyrics from bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin in a confident shade of yellow.


The ultimate multi-hyphenate, illustrator, animator and photographer Charlotte Wood brought her signature attention to detail. Using a muted shade of green, Charlotte added sketches featuring naturalistic imagery of foliage, mirroring the calm of the great outdoors - something that so many of us are currently pining for.


We source fabrics from mainly family owned fabric mills in Europe. This season, we've all faced incredible challenges caused by the disruption of COVID-19. We've worked with all of our partners to ensure continuous supply where possible. Some had to close, some stayed open but with all we were united in our determination to make it work.

When sourcing fabrics we look for three things; the highest quality fabrics, sustainably sourced and at a fair price. We work directly with family-owned fabric mills in Europe to reduce our carbon footprint and to cut out the middle-men. This way, we can deliver a better product and at a better price to our customers.

We've used a range of Eco friendly fabrics in this collection such as Ecovero, Tencel and Organic Cotton. You can read more about each fabric used on our style pages.


We designed and produced every style in our AW20 Collection in Europe. We work with family owned fabric mills in Italy, Turkey and Portugal to supply us with the finest natural fabrics. We made this collection with sustainable wool, leather, organic cotton and EU Certified sustainable fabrics such as Tencel and Ecovero.

We’ve hand picked our production partners for their craft, attention to detail and dedication to quality. Every stitch, seam and join is expertly crafted for the finest fit and feel. We love working with family owned factories because they take pride in their work; many of the technicians who work in the factories have years of experience of producing garments and accessories.



With a decade of experience illustrating for some of the biggest names in the fashion industry under her belt, Sally brought her distinct style of illustration to our images. With a provocative shade of red, Sally added empowering quotes, creating a juxtaposing sense of femininity alongside the collection’s edgy use of leather.