Finding your inspiration for June S/S22

The June Edit

Our June Edit is dedicated to artists and finding inspiration. This month, we’re celebrating the start of summer with a vibrant showcase of warm weather occasion wear. Lush green colours dominate the edit in Emerald and Mint. Sitting aside with vivid floral pops of Yellow Citrine, Lilac and Cobalt. For June, we’d like to welcome you to our essential event outfits, breezy summer dresses, and cool summer wear that’s ideal for the (hopefully) warmer weather. Floral prints take centre stage in June to offer a seasonal uplift to your looks.


Spring / Summer 22

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Our campaign story for June is called ‘Muse’ and is dedicated to artists. We wanted to explore inspiration and the different settings in which we can find it.  We chose four different inspirations to highlight. Choose from The Lake, Woodland, Savannah and Open Spaces to see which best fits your mood. This is your invitation to connect with your own inspiration with the story set on an idyllic summer day in the Buckinghamshire countryside in England. Flowing fabrics, vast open spaces and warm atmospheric lights bathe our eternally optimistic campaign. This month, we’d like to welcome you to our essential event outfits, breezy summer dresses, and cool summer wear that’s ideal for the (hopefully) warmer weather.

The Lake

We all have a favourite lake; a place where we’ve been where we felt the open space, peace and beauty of the water. There’s just something about the stillness of a lake that allows us to take a deep breath and reset. This month, we’re introducing some new styles inspired by the outdoors in trending colours. This June you can choose from more relaxed, comfortable styles or make a statement in bolder colours.
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Our second inspiration for June was the Savanna. We just love the warmth of the sun and the the brightness it casts; lighting up the view and our mood. Almost half the surface of Africa is Savanna; dry, warm grassland that bathes in the glow of the sun every day. For June, we’ve introduced some trending floral prints in brighter, warm colours for sunny days and brighter nights.
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We love the inspiration we can find in the wild nature of woodlands. Surrounded by new life and new beginnings, June brings the best of what nature has to offer; a rich bounty of colours and textures. This month, we’re introducing some new styles that reflect this optimism for your comfortable summer wardrobe.
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Our final muse for June is the endless possibility and hope we find in wide, open spaces. The vastness offers the room to think and wander. We can enjoy the stillness in our minds and reflect on our being. Best of all, we have the time and space to dream of new ideas, hidden from the demands of every day life. This month, discover a new palette of colours for your stylish summer wardrobe from tailored trouser styles to delicious knitwear and comfortable boots - all ideas we had in wide, open space.
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The Best Sellers

Meet the greatest hits, our curated selection of the best selling styles to flatter your June looks. These are the most popular and trending styles for the month. We design every item in our studios in London and make them by hand in Europe.
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